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Communist confiscation of property is victorious
The real estate sharks have done away with any hope of property owners longing to get back the houses abusively confiscated under the ex Communist regime. Upon the initiative coming from Dan Voiculescu's Conservatives, the Chamber of Deputies in the Parliament of Romania has passed a law to modify Law 10. 2001, so that the right to property of former tenants would be acknowledged on grounds of Law 112/ 1995.
The Social-Democrats, the Democrat-Liberals, the Conservatives and the deputies from the "Greater Romania" Party, the representatives of national minorities and half of the Liberals voted for the law yesterday. The document has now reached the President of Romania Traian Basescu who is to promulgate it.
The rightful owners who haven't been returned their properties as such are to be paid "the equivalent" of their properties. The tenants whose property purchase contracts with the state of Romania were annulled by courts are to be paid damages, updated in keeping with current market prices.
The real target of this new law is the right to alienate at once the houses bought from the state of Romania, since there is no longer any interdiction to sell such properties bought in the last 10 years. They have also done away with a sanction such as absolute nullity for the purchase contracts signed at times of a property return lawsuit in progress.
This law has emerged shortly after a controversial decision reached by the United Section of the High Court of Justice, according to which a property claim trial is no longer to be admitted, given the existence of a special law. (...) (R.S.)
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