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Corruption thrives like in Trinidad Tobago
According to a statistic survey by the World Bank, Romania has still got difficulties in terms of the law sovereignty and the control over corruption, as the outcome of efforts taken in the field are categorized in the second half of the top including the world's states. The research consists in an evaluation of 12 characteristics of the governing in 212 countries for 1996-2007.
As far as the control of corruption is concerned, it is an evaluation of the way public power is used for personal benefits and of the way private interests control the state. So Romania shares position with Lesotho and Trinidad Tobago. Our country has got -0, 19 out of 17 resources and it has reached the 136th position, with a error rate of 0, 11. The 2006 estimation was -0, 15, so afterwards it has got worse. Despite it, the control of corruption has improved in the last 11 years, given the -0, 26 in 1996. Romania is outclassed by states like Chile, Hungary and Turkey, but on the other hand it outclasses Bulgaria and China.
As for the sovereignty of the law, it concerns the perception the sources interviewed by the World Bank have got of the way rules and laws work in a certain society, the obedience to contract clauses, the property rights, the activity of Police and Justice, as well as the likelihood of criminality and violence. Romania is no. 140 among the 212 states analyzed in the research, given a rate of 0, 17 effecting after 19 resources were interviewed (the error rate is 0,12). So our country comes after states like Bulgaria, India and Chile and it is rated better than Russia, Mexico or Belorussia. (...) (O.B.)
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