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Disenchanting Romania
Although millions of Romanians hoped it would happen, after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu there did not emerge a national sense to contribute to the moral and democratic reconstructing of Romania. On the contrary, the leaders of the Romanian Communist Party and the common members were at wrathful terms with each other and the rivalry turned into a world of tribes and Talibans. The original sin, the confiscation of the Romanian Revolution by the Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania), the Front for National Salvation and Ion Iliescu, led to the coal miners' attacks and to sheer disgust with the political act and the political class. Since they have always had to choose the best evil, whether Ion Iliescu or Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Adrian Nastase or Traian Basescu, Sorin Oprescu or Vasile Blaga, the Romanians haven't settled the disenchanting of Romania yet.
The enchanting of Romania is a political and social act the Romanians have denounced for 18 years now, something they have been doing with pleasure or disgust, depending on which political sides they are. It is mainly about the "weakening", even in the postmodernist sense of the term, of democratic mechanisms and about the manipulation of the public agenda in favour of transparty political tribes and of messianic Talibans of the Ion Iliescu and Traiian Basescu kind. And the faces of this "weakening" can be seen everywhere around! The dictatorship of the media visibility has taken politicians' public discourse and even their projects at a distance from logics and sometimes even from common sense. Traian Basescu, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, George Becali, Miron Cozma and the author of all evil, that is Ion Iliescu, are all guilty of enchanting Romania by nihilism, upside down values, lies and libels, aggressiveness and almost pathological speech.
What have all these effected in? In the scepticism about the voting, the main institution of democracy, a reason to worry about. This is about farcical democracy, supported by political pluralism as practiced in pubs or in the family, mastered by professional manipulators and oligarchs on both the left and the right of the political stage in Romania. This is a national about to turn into a population because the leaders negotiate or bring things to derision by excessive use of identity elements such as the Romanian language and culture and the national symbols.
What is there left of an act such as the enchanting of Romania? The rooting of a preserve principle whose action reaches everywhere: the symbolical diminishment of what it means to be Romania in favour of a sovereign principle such as personal survival. Those who survive stay in Romania, those who don't go abroad! To many, national consciousness is just a good opportunity for hypotheses, but not for certainties or achieved projects.
The growing degradation of political communication, touching upon primitive thinking and unreasonable speech, is something we should care about, something to give us insomnia and headaches. There is hardly a day from God when we are getting no "strategies and elements" of negative campaign or more refined or gross forms of aggressiveness. For three years now we haven't got one day of relaxed reflection on the deep, structural changes in organizational culture, which we should link to that European reality we are a part of.
The politicians can't disenchant Romania right now, since they have been the main initiators and beneficiaries of the se-called change of rulers and, something whish is more serious, they have confused and fooled the Romanian electorate deliberately or not. Both the left and the right politicians have done it. There are two solutions to put an end to the degradation we live in: European synchronization, with its formal pressure, coming from laws and civic behaviour, together with the popularization of civic society, in relation to matters concerning our identity features, from language to good manners. When the EU commissioners are in your nack, it is hard to be a dictator, but it is easy to go through national slip!
Dan Mircea CIPARIU 
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