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National PSD-PNL protocol
Constantin Contac, a president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) branch in Botosani, announced yesterday that the PSD and the PNL (National Liberal Party) would sign a national protocol for collaboration. He claimed that the two groups would support each other till the parliamentary elections and then establish a new government together. The politician explained as follows: "The PSD will support the present government till next winter or next spring, when elections are due. We are convinced that one single party can't get to make the government. We hope we shall have positive collaboration and prove that these two parties can govern reliably after the parliamentary elections."
It is to be noticed that the PNL and PSD branches in Botosani agreed to make a coalition to reach majority in the district council and proceed to mutual support for the second tour of the local elections. (...) (R.G.)
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