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Italians willing to pay Roma to leave children home
Italian authorities are willing to give money to keep the Roma from Romania as far from their country as possible. So they are ready to give financial support on condition the Roma leave their children in Romania. According to La Repubblica, the money would be sent to the underage left in Romania by their Roma parents in Italy. (...)
A recent poll on Romanian immigrants and their image in Italy, authored by the Agency for Governmental Strategies, claims over 60% of Italians think crimes have been growing in number because of the Romanians there. Half of Italians say it is also because of the Romanians that there are now more beggars and more dirt in the public spaces.
As for aggression, more than 50% claim they were aggressed by Roma people, 27% say they were attacked by Albanians and 25% mentioned they were aggressed by Romanians.
Italians' discontent with the Romanian immigrants in their country is mainly because of robberies and aggression, begging and dirt. And they think the Roma are most difficult to tolerate. (O.R.)
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