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  Nr. 4204 de marti, 8 aprilie 2008 
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Foreign Ministry doesn't care about Romanians abroad
Romanian politicians have criticized the mumbling uttered by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain about Claudiu Crulic, the Romanian who died in Poland. Cristian Diaconescu, a spokesman for the Social-Democrat Party in Romania, points to the ministry's inactivity, claiming foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu must resign.
Rep.: Why do you think foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu should resign?
C.D.: A European citizen from Romania died in a prison in Europe. We can't imagine how things would have been, had it been the other way around, had a European citizen died in a Romanian prison. Consular offices have got clear norms to obey in such cases and the responsibility is the foreign minister's as well.
Rep.: What were they supposed to do, in fact?
C.D.: They were supposed to apply the law. It is norms they had to apply. In the case of a citizen who can't protect himself abroad, the consular office had to take action until the respective citizen could handle his interests all by himself. This is about permanent assistance.
Rep.: How can you comment on the ministry's silence and late response in the case?
C.D.: It is what any Romanian institution does when caught red-handed. They are totally careless. They don't care about the number of Romanians in Greek prisons, for instance
Rep.: Is it like last year, when 2 Romanians were arrested in Iraq by the US authorities and the scandal ended up with the resignation of the Romanian minister of foreign affairs.
C.D.: It is much worse than last year. A man died. We are wasting time anyway, since no one will resign. They don't care.
Interview by Cristian ANDREI 
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