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  Nr. 4204 de marti, 8 aprilie 2008 
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European Commission to investigate on the Romanian starved to death in Poland
The death of Romanian Claudiu Crulic in Poland, after 4 month of hunger strike in prison, is about to cause a tremendous scandal. The European Commission is going to investigate the case, as announced yesterday by spokesman Johannes Laitenberger. The latter official also informed that the EU commissioners would be back with details after the inquiry was over.
The 33-year old Romanian died last January in the hospital of the prison he had been fetched to in a very critical state. He weighed only 40 kilograms and he could not move. Doctors said they had never seen something like it before. According to the press in Poland, this is the first prisoner to get such treatment in a European prison ever since 1989.
The Romanian citizen had been sentenced to prison for having attempted to rob a judge in a supermarket. He had pleaded innocent and decided to go on hunger strike in order to express protest. The prison staff had ignored him, taking no interest in the prisoner's state of health.
Claudiu Crulic had been imprisoned in September 10, 2007 and he died in January 18, 2008, after having been released from prison by the authorities in Poland so that he would be hospitalized. According to the press, Cracow investigators are now trying to decide on the circumstances of his death.
The history of his death is as cruel as possible. His health got worse in October 25, 2007. "He spent almost two weeks in the hospital's medical center. He wouldn't be checked by doctors, but he started to eat and recovered a bit", said the head of the Prison Authority in Poland.
But he presently went on a hunger strike again and in late December his health worsened again. On January 3, 2008 he was taken to the hospital in the prison and doctors said he was in a very severe state. On January 14 the court allowed for blood tests and perfusion feeding. Three days later the court decided to set him fee so that he would get medical treatment in a civil hospital, given his very critical state of exhaustion. He died one day later, in January 18.
Still his family relatives were announced about it in early February, when Poland's Embassy in Romania phoned to ask them to take the corpse from the morgue of the Cracow hospital.
Crulic's family has got lots of memos the deceased wrote while in prison and sent to the Romanian consul in Warsaw.
The official cause of his death is pneumonia and heart infection, worsened because he had starved himself to death. (O.R.)
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