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Summitul GREILOR
Extended partnerships in fighting terrorism
-- George Maior, director of Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stated in an interview that the institution he is leading coordinates an International Intelligence Cell organized in Bucharest, with representatives from intelligence services of NATO states, as well as from NATO Office of Security.
What were the reasons for which you proposed the Supreme Council for Country Defense to raise the level of terrorist alert from blue - cautious to yellow - moderate during the NATO Summit?
It is a natural measure considering the huge responsibilities we have in ensuring the security for such an important event. Similar measures were taken for other similar meetings of heads of state in different European or Atlantic formats. I would recall two main reasons for raising the alert level. First: the importance of security for the delegations which will participate in the NATO summit gives us the right to have an active and preventive attitude, including this raise in the alert level. Secondly: there is an important signal into discouraging comprised in this attitude, therefore the measure of raising the alert level itself to represent a mean to dissuade the potential agressors.
With how many intelligence services did and still cooperates SRI in this period for the NATO Summit?
Of course we cooperate with all alied services of NATO states, each of these having their own responsibilities in ensuring the summit security at their national competence level. As you know, SRI coordinates an International Intelligence Cell organized in Bucharest, in which participate representatives of intelligence services of NATO states, as well as of NATO Office of Security.
During this days NATO is involved in organizing the Summit of Atlantist Youth. What do you expect from this event?
The Summit of Atlantis Youth allready has a tradition being organized along NATO Summits, be it in Istanbul or Prague. This event reunites young experts and students of NATO states and partner states, proposing themselves to debate the main subjects of the Alliance Summit’s agenda, as well the global or regional security problems which concern us. The event benefits from the support of the NATO General Secretary, and it’s meetings will be attended by important heads of states and governments to address the young participants. NATO officials appreciated that the Summit of Atlantist Youth represents one of the most important public diplomacy events. The organizers asked for, and SRI decided to ensure the logistic support for this event and we will provide accommodation and space for meetings.
Our offer for Youth Summit represents an added value in supporting the role and strategic policies of Romania on the security culture dimenssion and for a better integration in the euro-atlantic dimenssion. As well, during the Summit we will entail also the National Intelligence Academy (ANI), our ANI students benefiting directly from the experience of a dialogue on the strategic problems of the North Atlantic Alliance.
Assimetric threats became a reality of the XXI century. How SRI cooperates with NATO and EU partners in preventing them?
In it’s relation with NATO and EU states, SRI cooperates with it’s partner services in what regards security risks and threats, as well as in improving the means for preventing and combating these risks and threats. To give you a few examples: one very important area - for NATO an EU - is linked to the fight against terrorism, where we have extended partnerships with different services; another area is linked to combating transborder organized crime. A new level of cooperation, which will be discussed during the NATO Summit, is that of preventing and combating cyber crime, an area where SRI will have in the future a leading role at the national level.
As well we have a special cooperation with other intelligence services in exploiting the Open Sources Intelligence, something that due to the globalization of information and communication gained a growing importance in managing the actual security risks.
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