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Electoral pensions
In this year's electoral confrontation the National Liberal Party is counting on votes from the Romanian retired, like the Social-Democrats did for years on end. The Romanian finance minister Varujan Vosganian announced the pension raise scheduled for January 1, 2009 could occur earlier. According to the Romanian government, such raise is possible because the social insurance budget is in a well-balanced state. But such veiled promise for the retired is actually lacking all real grounds.
The economy minister explained during press conference: "We are taking interest in the possibility to proceed to the pension raise earlier than January 1, 2009, if the budget allows for it. I am interested in a fiscal administration as good as possible. Like we made the raise scheduled for January 1, 2008 earlier, that is in November 1, 2007, we want to make the raise due in January 1, 2009 earlier. This would be the toughest lesson for all those distrusting this chance for the Romanian retired." According to the Liberal minister, this would be possible due to a well-balanced social insurance budget achieved in the first three months of 2008.
But the minister said it just two weeks after having argued that a pension raise to take place in 2009 would be the only raise the budget could still supply for. He had been skeptical about such measures possible later than 2009, claiming the pensions for Romanians "would reach a level that would disallow any more trial of raise to come from the budget, therefore no longer to be used as electoral campaign element."
It is to be reminded that last year minister Vosganian would admit the pension raise was no good to the budget, also announcing there would be needed a transfer of over 1 billion Euro from the state budget in order to pay pensions. (...) (C.S.)
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