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America's muscles
The US President George W. Bush invited Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO just one day before the opening of the NATO summit in Bucharest. The US President warned that Russia would have no veto right on what would be going on in Bucharest. The statement he made while in Kiev while standing next to the President of Ukraine has irritated Moscow officials and Kremlin has threatened to denounce the Treaty with Ukraine.
The White House leader ignored the opposition expressed by Germany, France and Italy, all of them against the ex Soviet states' accession.
It is to be noticed that in order to invite Georgia and Ukraine in there is need of positive votes from all the 26 states in the Alliance.
And there is one more reason why Kremlin officials are angry: the Bucharest summit schedule was made in such a way to make it impossible for Vladimir Putin to speak up with the press present. According to Russia's ambassador to NATO, Moscow officials weren't even asked about the schedule.
Apart from the NATO enlargement, the world leaders meeting in the Parliament Palace, Bucharest, are to reach consensus on the anti-missile shield and the NATO participation in Afghanistan.
The President of Romania Traian Basescu took the opportunity of Romania's possible vote for Ukraine to speak against the Treaty between Romania and Ukraine, signed in 1997 by Romanian President emil Constantinescu and Romanian foreign minister Adrian Severin, a document harming national interest.
Official delegations reach Bucharest for the NATO summit
The US President reached Bucharest by his Air Force One presidential craft last evening. The plane landed on Otopeni Airport from Kiev. The US ambassador to Romania Nicholas F. Taubman welcomed George W. Bush, Laura Bush and the US state secretary Condoleezza Rice.
The NATO general secretary Japp de Hoop Scheffer reached the capital city of Romania a few hours before and yesterday evening he was to talk to the Romanian President.
The official delegations of states attending the NATO summit started to reach Bucharest yesterdat afternoon. The first delegation to arrive was the one from Macedonia. Then there followed the Canadian delegation,headed by the Canadian PM Stephen Harper. The plane landed on Henri Coanda Airport yesterday at 2:00 p.m.
The Afghan President Hamid Karzai reached Bucharest too. The Tbilisi leader Mihail Sakaashvili was also expected to arrive.
Most of the foreign delegations attending the summit are to reach Bucharest today. The President of France Nicolas Sarkozy is to get to Bucharest this afternoon. The same goes for the British PM Gordon Brown and defense minister Des Browne.
The German delegation headed by Angela Merkel is to arrive about noon. Germany's foreign minister and defense ministers are part of the delagation as well. The UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon is to arrive too. (G.D.)
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