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Time of truth for Ukraine
If Ukraine and Georgia are invited to join NATO, Russia will lose much of its influence over the Black Sea region and Romania will be somehow relieved that the longest NATO (and EU) border) is moved to the East.
The Moldovan Republic, which will be like a cork in a North-Atlantic sea, its military 'neutrality' included, will be engulfed by the enlarged New Alliance. The Moldovan Republic may be just taken rather than invited, a high official of a NATO state was commenting the other day. But if Romania doesn't want to be defeated by Ukraine one more time, after 17 years of such defeat, it must take this opportunity and negotiate overtly. Unfortunately for regional democracy, no matter the red or orange government, Ukraine has been a dishonest player in this region, cheating the Soviet way on Romania and the Romanians who now live outside the borders settled before the USSR violation. This is what Traian Basescu wanted to tell the Ukrainian and pro-Ukrainian ears who heard the message he delivered on the Public Television in Romania.
The first time when Romania surrendered, when it officially gave up historical Romanian territories such as Basarabia, Bucovina, the Hetza County and Snakes Island, I mean the Treaty signed with Ukraine in 1997, the propaganda was aimed at manipulation by two main lines: 1. that Romania would not be admitted in NATO during the Madrid summit unless signing the vicinity treaty; 2. that Romania had "to look ahead, not back".
Here is how things actaully are: 1. It was gross fake. Romania joined NATO, although much later and although it did not have a similar treaty with the Moldovan Republic, for instance, the Republic that was the second beneficiary of the treason in 1997. 2. A country without a past is a country without a future. And a country with a false past, a country that twists real history, will be a country with a false future. Ukraine is using the Stalinist style in its attempt to wash the brains of minorities and foreign officials. So it is now time for Ukraine to look ahead, if it wants to get support from Romania.
Ukraine's geo-political importance is huge, hence the huge US efforts and Russia's similar resistance. One future for Ukraine may be the territorial fragmenting. But Ukraine will achieve nothing unless it reforms the secret services still affiliated to and mastered by the new KGB and the old GRU. The effects of their operations can be felt on the Romanian territory too. For some time now Romanian cities and the Internet too have been showing a map of a chopped Romania, a map of the Kaninin kind, introduced as the true Romania: without Buceag, south Basarabia and north Bucovina. The distributors of this, a ghost group with a call for activism supporting 'the Romanian cause', has even managed to provide the false map of Romania to Wikipedia, the so-called virtual history of the world. But state authorities have not noticed it.
On the one hand, Boris Grizlov is threatening: "NATO reaching closer to our borders is unacceptable and we are going to do our best to prevent it." NATO states depending on the Gazprom and and standing by Great Russia are taking the tune. Germany and France are opposing it in the open. Had the 2003 OMV-Gazprom business succeeded, Petrom too would have got in the hands of the Russians and rRmania's approach would have been the same. But it isn't, thank God. And after 2004 Basarabia has not become "a story of the past", but one of the future, the NATO future.
The ex Romanian President Emil Constantinescu, even if born in Tighina, is now claiming that the shameless treaty signed in 1997 provided "juridical basis for the protection of the Romanian and Moldovan minority in Ukraine", thus confirming the approach of Stalin and Voronin. The ex Romanian forein minister Adrian Severin, although born on in the territory on the other bank of the Prut River, is now trying to persuade us that the treaty was real bless for Romania.
Here is Traian Basescu making a point: "There are now too many years that I have been putting up with the naughtiness of some who gave the country away and left national interest at the door when signing the Treaty with Ukraine."
Victor RONCEA 
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