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PSD 'surprises' wouldn't enter electoral confrontation
None of Miron Mitrea, Cristian Diaconescu, Victor Ponta and even Ion Iliescu would agree to become the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) candidate in the election for a general mayor of Bucharest. And Mircea Geoana's side is now struggling to find a solution and prevent the state of things in the party from getting worse.
When asked if he would run in elections. Ion Iliescu called it a blue joke. Miron Mitrea called it speculation and the PSD spokesman Cristian Diaconescu answered: "I am not interested." As for Victor Ponta, he said he was supporting Sorin Oprescu to be the party's choice.
Party sources claim huge strain is prevailing and a comprimise solution is needed. One PSD vice president comments: "If we go on this way, we are losing the campaign from the very beginning for we are wasting too many energies. Let's see who will take responsibility for all this mess."
There is rumor that the Social-Democrats are looking for personalities willing to run as candidate representing the party. Mircea Geona even made a public appeal: "Who wants to be a candidate must come and tell us!" (...) (C.A.)
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