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A shortcut
The Romanian general attorney and the head of the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) are in the habit of illegally sending each other criminal cases of high importance, without registering them when leaving or reaching the institutions the two officials head. Lucian Papici, a head of Department I in the DNA, disclosed this by mistake, in a resolution sent to Gabriala Chita, formerly a deputy general attorney in Romania.
As she was under criminal investigations in the 'exam cheat' case, the latter informed the Superior Council of Magistracy that a disallowance she had proceeded to against the DNA head Daniel Morar was illegally dismissed by the Romanian general attorney Laudra Codruta Kovesi. According to the magistrate, in the DNA register there was not mentioned that the case had ever left the Prosecutor's Office, thus asking for the documents' invalidity. Lucian Papici dismissed the solicitation, claiming the case had left the DNA for the Prosecutor's Office by "a shortcut", meaning without being registered in any of the two institution.
Such a practice breaks the interior regulation of prosecutor's offices, proving that the head of the Public ministry can secretly see any case about anyone and he can even give directions. The Prosecutor's Office provided a stunning explanation: "We can't realize what prosecutor Papici meant when writing that resolution." (B.G.)
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