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Constitutional Court: Uninominal vote law is constitutional
The uninominal vote system is to be used starting with next autumn's parliamentary elections. The Constitutional Court magistrates have decided the law is constitutional.(...)
Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a president of the PRM (Greater Romania Party), commented that the decision was "shameless" and he asked that the institution should be dismembered, because of being "a parasite not abiding by the law". The PRM leader opined that such a decision was predictable, given President Basescu's "unbelievable pressure" and order to the Constitutional Court judges, expressed by his public statements that the uninominal vote was "perfectly constitutional".
On the other hand Dan Radu Rusanu, a vice president of the Romanian Liberals, expressed appreciation for the Court's quickness to decide on a law on which the President of Romania had commented earlier than allowed. He even suggested that President Basescu should do it again in the future, with other laws at stake.
Emil Boc, a president of Romanian Liberal-Democrats, argued that this would make the political class more responsible in relation to the citizens of Romania. He claimed that, even if this was not the best version of a uninominal vote system, it was anyway better.(...) (A.H.)
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