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LATEST - In Brief
President hopes EU will be more involved in Transdniester issue
Last Wednesday the President of Romania Traian Basescu expressed hope that, after the establishing of the high EU representative for foreign affairs, the EU would grow more active and involved in the search for solutions to the Transdniester issue.The President argued for it while delivering a speech on the Black Sea issue in the Swedish Institute for International Affairs. The attendants asked him if Romania was satisfied with the EU approach to the Transdniester conflict.
The President answered it was time to find a solution different from the one used for another sovereign state in Europe (Kosovo). He reiterated Romania's wish for a solution to consider the "total national integrity" of the Moldovan Republic, suggesting the EU had not been enough involved in the matter.
President Basescu mentioned: "Let's hope that once we have a high representative for foreign affairs, the EU will act more coherently and efficiently." He just added that Romania wanted the EU "more active" in finding solutions. And he warned that in case the three frozen conflicts in the Black Sea region worsened, the EU would be the first to be harmed as far as security was concerned. (...) (T.B.)
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