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BNR governor warns government
The fiscal policy's quality is one of Romania's weak points, mainly because of the destination of expenses, said Mugur Isarescu, a governor of the BNR (National Bank of Romania), yesterday. He also explained that, in an economy undergoing rapid growth, large expenses meant pouring gas on fire.
When asked if a fiscal relaxation was to be expected for 2008, the BNR governor answered it was not an option "on any account." He argued: "This would be a very harmful decision to be corrected in years. (...) Such mistakes can't be corrected and half of an electoral years." (...)
The BNR official explained as well that anticipations in inflation, such as the one on the currency exchange, changed. He argued that action performed by one single institution (the National Bank by currency policy), but not supported by means of governmental fiscal and salary policies could cause an effect opposite to the one expected. "My message is that pressure on the currency policy must cease, mainly in terms of the current account deficit." (...)
Romania's economy minister Varujan Vosganian replied yesterday that the BNR governor should agree to the ministry's strategy on budget expenses. He added he would like the BNR official to stop expressing warnings about it. (...) (G.M.)
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