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Liberal tax collector
The government thinks with the brain of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), but does things with the hands of the PNL (National Liberal Party). There is no other way to explain the government's messy fiscal policy. On the one hand the government is generous with pensions, wages and subventions to help Romanians make it through the winter, the reason why both inflation and the Euro are reaching as high as the skies, and on the other hand they set tax even on our biscuits so that they can get funds to pay for the former. As far as I am concerned, I don't grasp what Calin Popescu Tariceanu wants: give us money or take our money?
Romania is the paradise of charges, for it is here that they enjoy themselves best. As if a few hundreds RON weren't enough, just as elections are drawing near the government has made up one more set of taxes: on Christmas gifts, on phone minutes from your employer, given so that you can call him on his birthday, and on everything. It makes you fear the idea of buying some flowers for your wife and some chocolates for your mistress's child.
Until recently the Tariceanu Cabinet made some exceptions for the PSD in order to get the latter party's support against the assails by Traian Basescu. The day before yesterday the government wilfully turned into the most social-democrat government after the Vacaroiu one. In spite of all the risks involved, the Cabinet raised pensions and wages, which is why the budget is now collapsing. And now they are desperate for resources to fill some gaps the government couldn't possible afford. Therefore economy growth is unable to cover for all the expenses made because of political difficulties. It doesn't matter that some charges are illegal and don't abide by the European legislation and any penny is good, even if stolen.
This Liberal outlaw practice which Calin Popescu Tariceanu invented is astonishing: taking from the poor to give to the poor. This is what the government does: the extra money settled for your pension is taken by raising food prices. Prices are blowing up and the Euro is doing the same, rents are getting more expensive and so on and so forth. The present Cabinet's entire policy is the effect of the obstinate wish to rule till the last second, regardless of consequences and of the number of asses government members have to kiss: asses of Social-Democrats, Hungarians, Conservatives and Greater Romania Party members.
The set of taxes invented by labor minister Paul Pacuraru is amazing. You can't know whether he himself made it or he took it from a bad book with outlaws and Phanar rulers. What is most severe is not that he managed to conceive of such aberration, but that he showed up on TV to explain it. Then he accused the press got him wrong and there was much ado for nothing and he took a step back.
The same goes for the car matriculation fee. The government's only concern is to take our money, legally or illegally,whether by documents or by force, it doesn't matter.It is to be seen if it is called an environment, first car matriculation, wheel or jack fee. Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Varujan Vosganian claim they are open to dialogue, but what is sure is that we won't get back a penny from the money we are stolen with so many efforts. Such insolence was normal when coming from the Nastase Cabinet, but when it comes from refined European it is hard to understand. Europe has decided the fee is illegal, Romanian courts have said the same, but they pretend not to hear it and go on cashing. Not for a second do they care to think that there will come a day when another government has to give this money back, because the state of Romania will be defeated in the fee war. Just like with the so many trials Romania lost by ECHR sentences, the state will take the taxpayers' money to pay for the mistakes made these days.
But Calin Popescu Tariceanu is accusing the media of instigating the nation to public disobedience. Well, this is how the nation is, rude, when you feel its own pockets without asking for permission.
Romania is part of the European Union, not of the Russian Federation or the snail spreaders' federation. EU states are disallowed to cheat on citizens or make them as poor as churchmice. I truly believe you are penniless, dear Mr. Vosganian, but this doesn't entitle you to take everything from taxpayers, who are poor anyway, trust me! Or they wouldn't give it to you. In vain you keep on claiming you have no money to buy bread for the poor, for I know it too well that you actually want to buy electors some booze.
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