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Russian cylinder
Businessman Dinu Patriu wants to grab the underground deposit for gas to be established in Margineni, thus pursuing personal and Gazprom interests. The project is to be carried out together with Romgaz. The Russian giant tried to join the business, but it was turned down.
The deposit's capacity is to be 2,6 billion cube meters and it will alow for the storing of gases at summer and for trading in winter for the sake of fabulous profit.
As he can't buy Romgaz like in the Rompetrol case, the Liberal businessman has thought about making full use of privatization. He has been plotting assails so that this national company would undergo bid. "For 18 years now it has lived at the taxpayers' expense. Instead of going on with such damage, we should drop it", the Liberal argued.
Alexa Iakob, a general manager of Romgaz, replied: "Such comment is no news, but it is explainable. The billionaire wants to get licenses over the natural gas banks he is interested in, but he may not buy Romgaz."
Romania's economy minister Varujan Vosganian reacted too later, invoking the company's strategic nature. The Margineni project, which would have allowed for a cut on the gas price, has been delayed for 7 years because of the interests pursued by Social-Democrat and Liberal politicians. (...)(G.P.)
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