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Romania's strategic planes at deadlock
The strategic transport fleet belonging to the Romanian Ministry of Defense is at deadlock. Only 1 of the 5 C-130 Harcules aircrafts is still functional. This is why the calendar of replacing the Romanian soldiers in Iraq has faced difficulties.
Claiming that details on transport of staff to battlefields (number of aircrafts, their condition and so on) mean classified information, the Ministry wouldn't provide us with official details.
The plane operational at the present became the Romanian Military's property in the early 2007. It is a C-130 H made in 1972, whereas the other 4 that fought in the Vietman war are C 130 B. It is to be noticed that, had there been no problems with the bid, the Romanian Ministry of Defense would have already got the first C-27 Spartan for transport. (D.D.)
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