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His Holiness PM
-- In 1991, the FSN (Front for National Salvation) proposed to man who is now the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church should take over the government, after the coal miners had just deprived Petre Roman of primeministership. "The idea started from the experience of Patriarch Miron Cristea in the interwar era", Ion Iliescu confesses.
The Archbishop of Moldavia asked the Patriarch Teoctist for consent. The latter said it was proof that the party treasured the Church, but that, after the 1989 Revolution, the Romanian Orthodox Church had decided that none of its officials would have an important political position any more. The Patriarch Teoctist specified the Holy Synod thought that Patriarch Miron Cristea's example should be the only of the kind.
The ex President of Romania Ion Iliescu tells ZIUA: "They proposed several generals, bishops and other. After consultations I decided to appoint a technocrat a PM: Theodor Stolojan."
The stenograms of the Romanian Social-Democrats' meetings in 2003-2004 unveil the favors the Archbishop of Moldavia had done to the party headed by Adrian Nastase. Senator Ion Solcanu was asking the Social-Democrat PM to make a phone call and thank His Holiness Daniel for the Church's support in the constitutional referendum campaign. (...)
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