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LATEST - In Brief
The illusionist
-- The power of the advocacy company owned by Valeriu Stoica works 'wonders' for the wealthy clients.
The performances staged by "Stoica & Associates" has always got two constant features: the client is a collusus like the Arcelor MITTAL Galari or Shell Gas Romania and the object at stake is a million dollar enforcement. The company belonging to this leader of the Democrat-Liberal Party takes action in the last minute, when the opposite side is busy with other procedures, and therefore it wins.
The fee charged for such juridical legerdemain is 10% of the money at stake. Valeriu Stoica is the man who managed to let the Indians in Galati go with a debt of over $ 5 millions.
The magistrate who decided in just 24 hours to suspend the enforcement is Eugenia Lohan, also a president of the trade department in the ICCS. She registered the solicitation in October 1, 2007, settled the deadline was the following day and distributed the case to a court with only herself as member. In 24 hours Eugenia Lohan completed the lawsuit in secret, without summoning the parties, but admitting the solicitation by Mittal.
The lawyers ZIUA contacted say it would have been impossible for them to beneficiate from such a fast and favoring procedure. (...) (R.S.)
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