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US worries about flesh trafficking in Romania
The representatives of the office for monitoring and countering the trafficking in persons, subordinate to the US State Department, has expressed concern about the intensification of the trafficking in human beings in Romania. This is mainly about trafficking in Chinese citizens and children exploited or sold by transmational groups of organized crime. An US delegation is paying a visit to Bucharest these days to look into the matter.
One spectacular case of the kind, just partly settled by authorities, was reported by ZIUA in December 11, 2007, in an article titled "Authorities caught red-handed". The Bucharest branch of the DIICOT (Department to Counter International Organized Criminality and Terrorism), headed by prosecutor Codrut Olaru, muffled the case in the meantime. Since 2005 authorities have done nothing in this case involving both prosecutors and policemen.
According to official judicial sources, the trafficking in humans in Romania has been intensifying in the last years. The victims are mainly migrants from China, who reach Romania by various ways and then they are secluded in well guarded locations, forced into laboring from dawn to dusk in order to serve criminal groups. And there are more forms of trafficking in human beings: some inaccessible localities employing migrants, mainly from China, who are not allowed to get out of the location they work in. The same sources claim Romania has got to be a shelter for trafficking in Chinese workers. After they enter the country, due to the help they get from public servants who pursue financial interests, they become illegal beneficiaries of visas or they are just tolerated in the exploitation places, although they lack legal residence papers.
The US officials are interested in the trafficking in children and there are clue this has been going on, despite several press scandals. But such scandals have proved useless, for Romanian authorities haven't pressed charges against any such group, which is impossible to explain.
One most outrageous such case, substantially reported by the media, is the disappearance of more than 300 civil cases of international adoption from the Courthouse in Bucharest District 1 in 1996. Not even today have authorities deciphered the mystery. (...) (R.S.)
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