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Ex minister Monica Macovei: CNSAS doesn't make juridical decisions
"It is juridical aberration to compare the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) to court", says the ex minister Monica Macovet in her interview to the Hotnews. Romania's ex minister of justice insists "the CNSAS doesn't make juridical decisions". Checks on records and interrogations of people don't turn the CNSAS into a court, she argues.
According to the ex minister, aberration has emerged because democratic institutions have been "politically populated with the worst, with the essense of the evil in this country". She adds: "By evil I mean ignorance, amateurishness and dishonorable past, just like the Constitutional Court is. Theoretically, there should be no comment on the Constitutional Court's decisions. But it is impossible, for none of the members is an expert in constitutional law." (...)
The ex justice minister opines the magistrates in the Constitutional Court could change the law on the CNSAS "like they did in 2007, when they said the CNSAS could not be compared to an extraordinary court. They can still change it now, if their political friends ask for it." (D.I.)
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