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Strange and dangerous phenomena
An unprecedented case in the history of the European Union: the Prosecutor's Office and the head of state decide that 8 former and present ministers are to be investigated for alleged crimes, exceptionally severe ones. But this is happening in the country where there is no minister of justice, but only an interim minister, because of the conflict between the President and the PM. Two days after being appointed, the interim minister gets to face a huge political challenge. In one single day he is to consent or not to what the head of state has decided in on single day: open criminal investigations against the 8 ministers. And Teodor Melescanu, the interim minister, decides to throw it back to Cotroceni Palace, who may not consent to a mere notification. Although this is how the law has it, there are no records. But the interim minister receives some sealed records in order to be mocked. What if there is newspaper inside, he says? And he opens them. All the records are incomplete. And the challenge is back to Cotroceni Palace. This is no longer a crisis concerning state institutions. This is a hyper crisis related to strange and extremely dangerous phenomena.
To any reasonable man, even to Catalian Avramescu, the new presidency adviser whose spectacular ascension I pointed to live on Realitatea TV station two days ago, it is obvious that prosecutors, politically involved as they are, couldn't have decided on 8 ministers in one single day. Prosecutors collected data and, one after the other, they concluded the ministers must be investigated. Therefore let me think the solicitations, accompanied by records, reached the President one by one. If so, Traian Basescu piled them in the storeroom in Cotroceni Palace, waiting for the right time to activate them. He surely asked for no official's point of view. The Cotroceni commission, dismembered and to be established never again, would have probably done the same. Still Traian Basescu managed to analyze 8 cases in one single day, one of the busiest in the President's career, when he had to meet with the PM in a desperate and useless attempt to settle the crisis emerging because of the Ministry of Justice. He also managed to conclude that in every one of the 8 cases there were thorough, non-political, reasons to open inquiry. And he addressed the minister of justice, but without sending any records. The interim minister protested and he got the records later, still he could see they were incomplete, superficial, based on information coming from the stenograms of some intercepted phone calls for which there was no permission. And the minister sent the records back.
Zsolt Nagy, the 'spy minister' is not among them, which is spectacular. He is no longer accused of such a dangerous crime. His name is involved in a different case, the Post Office one. But two other officials are missing in the case, which is also spectacular. They are minister Vosganian and PM Tariceanu himself. Is the Prosecutor's Office playing tricks, whereas the President is a small fish? Or is Traian Basescu making some arrangements, keeping the PM and minister Vosganian for the second half? What about the phone call intercepting, since it is illegal? Who and when will complete the records to be returned to the Ministry of Justice? Does the Parliament still have a part to play when officials are under criminal investigations? Does Paul Pacuraru, a labor minister, have to go home too? Who can replace him and satisfy Traian Basescu? What if tomorrow the President agrees to appoint Norica Nicolai a minister of justice and send the records back the way they are? What will she do? Will she do like Teodor Melescanu did? And what will the Constitutional Court do about her? Just like in the Cioroianu case? Or will the judges scold her? If so, what will the PM do?
This is a hyper crisis and I can see no way out. PM Tariceanu would better make a Liberal government in the shadow to replace the present government, as Traian Basescu is unmasking ministers.
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