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  Nr. 4134 de joi, 17 ianuarie 2008 
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President and PM met again, but in vain
Yesterday the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu talked again to the President of Romania Traian Basescu about Norica Nicolai, a candidate to take over the Ministry of Justice. But the meeting the PM asked for failed to settle the crisis, for neither of the two changed his mind.
President Basescu explained yesterday evening: "The future minister of justice was the main topic. (...) In the end, although each of us has still got his own opinion, we have concluded we must find a solution. This meeting should have taken place when I expressed my first invitation to dialogue."
The Romanian PM had announced yesterday, just a short while before Presidency released the communique on the 8 former and present minister now under criminal investigations, that he would ask President Basescu to meet with him and analyze the situation of Liberal Norica Nicolai objectively. After Cotroceni Palace announced the new initiative, the Romanian government's spokesman announced learning about the President's solicitation for the start of criminal procedures with view to investigations against present and former officials. No other comment was made.
In yesterday's meeting of government members, PM Tariceanu informed his Cabinet colleagues that Teodor Melescanu was now Romania's interim minister of justice. He added the latter Liberal would rule for a short while, since a minister of justice had to be appointed in early February, according to the law. The PM mentioned he asked the interim minister to see to the difficulties related to the National Integrity Agency, as he was dissatisfied that the latter institution wasn't operational yet.
As for Norica Nicolai, his choice for a future minister of Justice, the PM commented it was "the most immoral thing possible" to have people judged because of their professional careers 18 years after the fall of communism. He argued: "I am asking the President for a meeting to make this clear and analyze objectively things released to the public so that we can reach a solution to appoint a new justice minister." (O.B.)
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