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President agrees Teodor Melesanu should be interim justice minister
The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu demanded the President of Romania Traian Basescu by letter to appoint the Liberal defense minister Teodor Melescanu an interim minister of justice, as the government announced yesterday. The President appreciated the PM's idea and he signed the decree to appoint Teodor Melescanu, Presidency announced.
But Liberal sources claim the PNL (National Liberal Party) is still supporting candidate Norica Nicolai to take over the Ministry of Justice. After talking to the central political committee of Romanian Liberals the PM is to decide whether to address the Constitutional Court against the President's refusal to appoint Norica Nicolai or not. The decision is due early next week.
It is to be mentioned that yesterday the PM appointed the ex justice minister Tudor Chiuariu a state councilor.
One vice president of the PNL tells us: "To address the Constitutional Court is the only feasible solution. We got a fair verdict in the case of foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu and there are no constitutional reasons for this verdict not to get repeated." (...)
On the other hand, the war bursting out because Norica Nicolai was recommended as candidate to rule the Ministry of Justice has also brought some criticism against her from the side of Liberal Bogdan Olteanu, not exactly a friend of Norica Nicolai.
As for Liberal Teodor Melescanu, he commented: "Myself as an interim minister of justice is just a solution to settle the crisis Justice is facing, given the proposal for Norica Nicolai. Therefore this short time can make some things clear. We mustn't risk getting a report unfavorable to Romanian Justice by the European Commission. The Liberal senator reminded he had juridical qualification, as he had graduated Law School and he had owned an advocacy company.
What don't we know about the President-PM meeting?
According to sources close to the Liberals, during his meeting with the Romanian PM last Saturday, President Basescu showed him a tape with Norica Nicolai saying tough words against her party boss.
The PM talked to senator Nicolai once again last Monday, tackling the arguments the President raised against her professional career. Just a few days before senator Nicolai had assured the PM that there could be no problems with her previous activity to prevent her from being appointed a minister.
CNSAS won't search on Nicolai's past again
According to Mircea Dinescu, the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) won't search on the past of Norica Nicolai again, since there are 5 decisions that she did not collaborate with the Communist Secret Service in Romania. Mircea Dinescu argued: "In our institution there is no piece of paper about her. We can't reach decisions every day like some parrots. Maybe there is something we don't know. Maybe Mr. Stroe or Mr. Basescu has got something in some box. Then let them give it to us, for we have got nothing." And his irony followed: "It is a different story that anything is possible in Romania. But we did our duty in this case." (D.I.)
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