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Plane of reconciliation
The conversation that the President of Romania Traian Basescu and the PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu had on the plane heading Lisbon from Bucharest was relaxed. The two officials talked about foreign affairs matters such as Romania's approach to the Kosovo conflict and the Council of Europe reunion. But in the Lisbon-Brussels flight the Romanian President and PM were less talkative because of being tired.
The President and PM shared the planes taking them to Lisbon to sign the EU Reform Treaty and to Brussels to attend the winter reunion of the Council of Europe. Sources from the official delegation claim that in yesterday's 4-hour flight to Lisbon President Basescu and PM Tariceanu avoided talking about domestic matters. Sources comment: "Strangely enough, they seemed to be at good terms, despite some people's expectations. In their conversation they avoided domestic issues or issues of a different kind."
They claim that President Basescu talked to his advisers about Romania's approaches to issues to be taken up during the Council of Europe reunion and PM Tariceanu talked to his staff too, which ended up with the two officials' agreement.
Sources add: "Then the conversation grew rather poor on the way from Lisbon to Brussels. They were rather quiet, probably because they were tired."
Yesterday while in Brussels the Romanian PM was asked about how he had got along with President Basescu during the flight. He smiled when answering: "Well, yes. It was very good."
It is to be mentioned that the last time the two had shared the plane was the 2006 summer reunion of the Council of Europe. (D.I.)
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