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LATEST - In Brief
Pact with DNA
The Discipline Committee of the CSM (Superior Council of Magistracy), headed by Cristian Deliorga, muffled the case against the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) official of that DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) office who had intercepted the phone calls of magistrates involved in the bribed and bribing prosecutors affair.
Artistotel Mihai Popa, a 'ear' of the DNA, got away with the seal he had put on 18 criminal cases and the deletion of some crimes. Romania's ex Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu addressed the CSM on it, demanding that Aristotel Mihai Popa should be expelled from magistracy.
The muffling of the complaint, in relation to the DNA interceptions in the case of the faked examinations for admission to the CSM, smells like fishy pact between the DNA and the CSM. The DNA prosecutors wouldn't say which CSM members were to falsify the examination results in exchange for money. The prosecutors were charged with giving bribe of 15,000 Euro via other persons. Prosecutor Deliorga paid a visit to the DNA office last Thursday, but just as "witness". No CSM member has been charged so far, although only somebody from the CSM could falsify the examination results. (...) (R.S.)
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