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Chishinau accuses Romania of collaboration with illegal Tiraspol regime
In a report published yesterday by the Moldpres Agency, a press agency controlled by the Moldovan government, Romania is accused of pursuing to destroy the Moldovan state by supporting Tiraspol's policy. The claim that the 1947 Treaty of Paris is out of date has made spirit hot in the Moldovan Republic and there is mentioned suspicion on the wish to attack the Moldovan Republic and on Transdniester authorities' support for Romania.
In the commentary there is argued: "Once Filip Teodorescu, the Romanian ambassador to the Moldovan Republic, claimed that the 1947 Treaty of Paris, which had settled the border between Romania and the Moldovan Republic, was out of date, the daily serving Smirnov's administration published the respective statement, without adding critical comments."
The Tiraspol administration is criticized because of hurrying to release "any statements claiming that the Moldovan Republic's accession to the EU via Romania is the best solution to the Moldovan Republic and its citizens. This could be a dangerous game for Tiraspol."
Moldovan authorities are suspecting Romania of wishing to get some territories back: "Given Bucharest's attempts to reestablish the three historical regions, one of them including the left bank of the Dniester River, we have got no reason to think Romania will stop at the Dniester. The revengeful officials are actually aspiring to Transdniestria, southern Basarabia, northern Bucovina and Insula Serpilor as well. As for the Tiraspol officials, although they fail to notice the danger and they are relying on their lucky star too much, they are hurrying to give Bucharest a hand in this anti-Moldovan approach." (...) (R.M.)
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