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Foreign affairs emergency
Romania is facing two tough challenges in terms of foreign affairs: the Kosovo conflict, under debate during the Brussels summit, and the recent diplomatic conflict between Romania and the Moldovan Republic. Bucharest officials, namely the President, the PM and the foreign minister, have so far failed to respond to both situations, although they are of greatest interest to our country. Unless Romania uses a reasonable foreign affairs policy, unless it finds its own solutions and strategies to propose to the other states, unless there are projects it will all end up bad. Officials must know what each of them states, they must prove solidarity and the authorities must prove responsible. Who are those responsible for it? Those for whom foreign affairs is a job, in other words those who are responsible for both victories and failures, and President Traian Basescu is the first one.
The Moldovan Republic President Vladimir Voronin decided that two Romanian diplomats should be declared undesirable citizens. This is a very severe, even shocking measure that states use rather rarely in their relations with other states, usually when severe things happen: overt breaks of international norms. The way they broke this piece of news suggests that, out of populist reasons, the Moldovan Republic President decided to defy the officials in Bucharest. Given the way things look like, it is us who are right. Romania is a victim, but our officials are angels and they have made no mistake. Moreover, they are patient, skilled and wise enough not to reply in any way. It is just that things are not so. As a head of state and the main official in charge of foreign affairs, Traian Basescu put it bluntly that he had nothing to talk to the Moldovan officials and institutions about. But Romania admitted the Moldovan Republic's independence and sovereignty officially. He said he would only talk to the Romanians in the Moldovan Republic. Even if they could flatter our national pride, Traian Basescu's statements are actually very severe defiance of a state.
The guests of Mihai Gadea's talk show on Antene 3 TV station were right to come up with the following questions: What if the President of Hungary would say the same about Romania? Wouldn't Bucharest authorities respond? What if Budapest announced having got nothing to do with Romanian state officials, but only with the Magyars in Romania? It is the Romanian President's deed and he must take the responsibility for it.
As for the Romanian ambassador to Chishinau, he denounced chapters of the Peace Treaty of Paris, unaware that, by denouncing one single article, he actually tried to undermine the entire Treaty, which is sacred to the international community and due to which Romania got Transylvania back. The decision that the two Romanian diplomats are undesirable in the Moldovan Republic effects from these deeds. And I think this is why Bucharest officials are unable to reply and they are keeping quiet. Romania's failure to participate to the Kosovo issue in time is a big mistake too. In fact, Romania doesn't have a project on it.
The three top officials in charge of Romania's foreign affairs must pay for these. And they will.
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