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'Chishinau affair', intelligence challenge for Romania
-- The expulsion of the two Romanian diplomats uncovers the flaws of Romania's intelligence services. The two Romanian diplomats now undesirable in the Moldovan Republic reached Romania yesterday afternoon, accompanied by several representatives of the Romanian Embassy in the Moldovan Republic.
Chishinau authorities announced last Wednesday that Laurentiu Pinte, a main secretary, and Vasile Nanea, a culture councilor, were declared persona non grata because of "the incompatibility between their activities and their diplomatic status".
The President of Romania Traian Basescu has described this as new challenge from the Moldovan Republic, a member of the Independent State Community. The expulsion of the two Romanian diplomats indirectly accused of membership to a secret service occurred after journalist Mihai Contiu from the "Moldova Suverena" daily in the Moldovan Republic, formerly an agent of the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service), had accused the embassy staff of intelligence against Romania and Romanian-Moldovan relations, warning that this "self-unmasking" would have consequences.
For the time being Romania has not responded to the humiliation of the SIE caused by the Intelligence and Security Service in Chishinau, supervised by the Russian intelligence services, the FSB and the SVR. But speculation has it that this misinformation operation by the Russian services is meant to use Mihai Contiu to bring to the Moldovan Republic agents of the Russian services working under the Romanian flag in the Bucharest central headquarters. (...) (D.E.)
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