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  Nr. 4108 de marti, 11 decembrie 2007 
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Democrats pass PD-L Status
The leaders of the PD (Democrat Party) passed yesterday the project to achieve fusion with the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party), together with the future party's political programme and Status. The PD-L (Democrat Liberal Party) is going to be the name of the political group to be made. The actual fusion is due on Saturday and the interim heads of the PD-L are going to rule till the end of 2009.
Emil Boc is the president of the PD-L and there are two vice presidents: Theodor Stolojan and Adriean Videanu, whereas Vasile Blaga continues as general secretary. The political programmes and Status are based on similar documents from the PD and amendments were passed in order to also include some Liberal principles and values. Party president Emil Boc said they would become public after undergoing debate and getting consent for the local party branches.
It is to be mentioned that from the documents there were eliminated the point forbidding collaboration with the Social-Democrat Party, as well as the support for President Basescu's with view to a second presidential mandate. Emil Boc argued: "The political programme does not mention parties or persons, but parties and values. Of course Traian Basescu is the one who supports the principles of the "Truth and Justice" Alliance, whose continuity is achieved due to the PDL and this party will obviously support Traian Basescu in presidential elections." (...) (A.I.)
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