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  Nr. 4108 de marti, 11 decembrie 2007 
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National disinterest
I don't want to sound apocalyptic. It is not my intention to make Romanians worry more now when the winter holidays is approaching. But I can neither prove irresponsible and ignore the effects of the Kosovo bomb on Romania's vital, long-term interests. A unilateral recognition of this province's independence is growing almost imminent, because of its final split from Serbia and the almost incautious consent the great powers, the European ones included, are getting ready to express, may effect dramatically on the West Balkans, on Europe and on Romania in particular. It is just like Vladimir Putin warned. I am adding another element and I don't fear it is exaggeration: a war close to our borders is a threat. Belgrade may give military response, like they warned, and they may get support from Moscow and other states. Such an evolution could turn Romania into a battlefield. In brief, we are facing a real problem of national interest - a phrase I am not using demagogically, like politicians do - in need of transparty solutions.
The time when Romania should have done something, but it didn't, is long gone. I can't refrain from bitterly mentioning that politicians on the top of Romanian society are irresponsible and even criminals, as far as this state's real interests are concerned. They are actually the opposite of what we call patriotism and this opposite is called treason. I don't mean only President Traian Basescu, the prime minister and the foreign minister. When the national interest is at stake, we all are involved in it, even us, representatives of the civil society.
Although it is dramatically late, it is never too late. It is true it broke to pieces for good and there is probably no hope that there will follow negotiations between the Serbians and the people in Kosovo. The separation followed by the recognition of Kosovo's independence is imminent. And the US is working hard for it, whereas most EU members who opposed it surrendered to Washington pressure. Moscow and Belgrade can't make things turn back and neither can Bucharest's belated involvement. Still it doesn't mean all has been lost.
Then what can we do now and we aren't doing? The first thing we should do is mobilize: state officials, opposition and civil society. We should use special ambassadors and send them to all the capitals where they can prove influent, Beijing included, for China is a member of the Security Council. What should they plead for along with Romanian authorities? They should probably plead for an international conference on the situation in the West Balkans and obviously focus on Kosovo. Since the split is imminent, time is still left for talks on the circumstances of and the time for this historical denouement. It is one thing if it happens now and it is something else if it happens later, when Serbia has become an EU state. Given this, why wouldn't they try to intensify the EU integration process in the case of Serbia and Kosovo?
National disinterest must turn into national interest fast. And Traian Basescu plays the key part and he is responsible for it.
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