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Serbia, small nations' bad luck
In the early 21st century, things are again hot in the Balkans, just as they were in the early 20th century. Russia is sending the military fleet to the Mediterranean, the NATO is announcing it is ready to send more troops to Kosovo. The US-EU-Russia trio for Kosovo is forwarding the report 3 days before due so that those who will get it will have time to ruminate in the weekend. Russia is getting ready to annul the effects of the Treaty on the Conventional Forces in Europe, in order to add some more troops in Transdniestria, if the case, or in any other region needed more military troops. The EU is once again divided, although facing a crucial test in the old continent's heart. Serbia is firm on the territorial integrity principle, announcing it will make use of any diplomatic means to oppose Kosovo's independence. The separatist regions in the ex Soviet Union, as well as those in old Europe, are ready to proclaim their independence taking Kosovo for an example.
And there are several Romanian voices facing this storm. President Basescu is against the independence plan for Kosovo, warning about the secessionist danger. On the other hand, Romania's defense minister Teodor Melescanu is claiming Romania is ready even for a unilateral recognition of Kosovo's independence. If coming, Bucharest officials will share the view of EU states and of the US. But Romania's foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu has chosen to be silent and wise. After irresistibly uttering just 'yes' in his conversation with Condoleezza Rice and after acting familiar with the King of Spain, minister Cioroianu is now silent, just when some terrible plot is knocking at Romania's borders. But after all, maybe his silence is better.
Via the Kosovo, Serbia is now a battleground for the confrontation of two colossuses: the US and the Russian Federation. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Moscow has managed to avoid the emergence of a world focused on the US only. The main makers and supporters of Vladimir Putin have succeeded in avoiding Russia's complete disaster. The Eastern Empire has managed to overcome the crisis and it is now rising threateningly, asking for nuclear parity with the US and putting pressure to eliminate the possible anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe. As for the US bases in Romania and Bulgaria, they are also getting frowned at.
But the colossuses' ambition concerning that piece of land called Kosovo is actually about negotiations on different matters. It was recently that the US replaced some governments of independent states by other governments. The success has beenrather limited so far, especially that it is about the Muslim world. Russia's panslavian theory isn't really surviving: the Slavic people are heading the peace and prosperity in the EU. Therefore Russia isn't playing in Kosovo for Serbia's sake only. After all, no matter the outcome, Moscow is a winner of prestige if the US steps back or of independence for the separatist regions if Kosovo proclaims independence. As for Serbia, there are only disadvantages on its side. And Bucharest politicians should be extremely careful: everytime Serbia suffered, Romania wasn't well either...
George DAMIAN 
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