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Italian decree on expulsion of citizens may be abrogated
The Italian decree on the expulsion of EU citizens from the Italian territory may be abrogated. It was Clemente Mastella, the Italian Justice minister and also the initiator of the decree, who said it during the "Panorama del giorno" TV show, quoted by the "Il Giornale" daily. "We better leave the expulsion decree fall", the Italian official commented. (...)
The Prodi Cabinet knows there is need for support from the opposition in order to pass the decree. The ruling coalition has got frail majority in the Senate: 2 votes only. And the expulsion decree is a real pain in the Prodi Cabinet's neck.
The Parliament of Europe passed a document critical of the xenophobia in Italy and warning the EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini that he has exceeded his attributions. The international press has also criticized Italy and the relations between the latter and Romania have been weakening because of the decree.
On the other hand, there is no more time left for the MPs to tackle the decree since the winter holidays is approaching and January 1 is the deadline to be met in order to pass the decree. And in January the Prody Cabinet will be busy with different matters. According to the same Clemente Mastella, the coalition in power is dying slowly, the government is dying slowly and January will bring an epitaph and no one knows what will follow next. (G.S.)
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