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Democrats reticent to new party's name
Theoretically, in their talks with the representatives of the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party), the members of the PD (Democrat Party) may do away with the Liberal party label. But there is little time left for it, since the process preceding the two parties' fusion must be over by the end of the year. But the Liberal-Democrats voted for the new name, the PDL (Democrat Liberal Party), as Theodor Stolojan persuaded them into thinking the unification would do them good. And the congress on it is due in December 15. (...)
Due to the Democrats' lobby on possible rebels, no prominent party leader has got to head the opposition against the idea. Democrat Sorin Frunzaverde is now the only important leader against the start of talks with the PLD. Therefore the PD Permanent Committee was assigned to talk to the PLD about party fusion. Thre were four opponents of the idea to include the word "Liberal" in the name of the party to be made. But party officials say the name hasn't been decided for good yet.
Emil Boc fuels ambiguity
During the press conference the PD president Emil Boc held together with the PLD president Theodor Stolojan a name such as the PDL was not at all used. Stolojan outlined: "I am firmly telling them that the values of liberalism will be protected and represented."
The issue hasn't be decided yet and there are few leaders who will settle the matter. Theoretically, there are means by which the dissatisfied Democrats should get satisfaction by finding another name for the new political group. (...)
As for the two parties' congresses, they will take place earlier than initially scheduled: on December 15. And the new party will turn into fact. Elena Udrea, the PD executive secretary, explained: "In January people are still recovering after the winter holidays and any delay with the party fusion would make the electoral campaign for the local elections in June 2008 shorter." (...)
Adrian ILIE, Cristian ANDREI 
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