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How much are the Euro-deputies?
According to the leaders of the PIN (National Initiative Party), Romania's 35 representatives to the Parliament of Europe would spend more than 82 million Euro in 5 years. The party demanded that each such Euro-deputy should provide "a public report" at the end of mandate. The party officials claimed yesterday that none of the 35 Euro-deputies had delivered such a report that far.
The PIN also announced intention to elaborate a legislative project so that independent Euro-deputies would report on expenses yearly. According to the PIN leaders, 1 Euro-deputy implies the following costs: 1,167 Euro wages a month (it is to reach 7,000 Euro a month in 2008), 279 Euro daily payment, 400 Euro distance bonus, 3,895 Euro a year as general expenses funds and 6,500 Euro a year as funds for IT and foreign languages courses. (R.I.P.)
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