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Parliament of Europe rejects Moldovan language
The Parliament of Europe passed yesterday the resolution to modify the EU-Moldovan Republic readmission agreements. The document includes the recommendations authored by rapporteur Jean Marin Marinescu, an EPP representative, denying the existence of the 'Moldovan language'.
The neuter solution
In the recommendation there is reminded about the presence of the 'Moldovan language' in the readmission agreement and there is mentioned that, apart from the reiteration of support for the application of agreements facilitating visas and readmission, Romania argues that the participation to such agreements implies no recognition for the name of the language referred to as 'Moldovan'. Romania mentions it once again that, given scientific facts and proves, among which the interpretation by the Science Academy of the Moldovan Republic (released in September 1994), the correct name of the language at stake is Romanian.
Rapporteur Jean Marin Marinescu is for Romania's official declaration that reached the Council in October 9, 2007. He also reminds the Romanian authorities made the same statement on the agreement on partnership and cooperation between the European community and the member states on the one hand and the Moldovan Republic on the other hand, at the time when Bulgaria and Romania joined the Agreement for Partnership and Cooperation.
The document also emphasizes that in all the 9 agreements with Western Balkan states the Commission used the neuter phrase "signed in the official language of the parties". The rapporteur expresses regret that this was not used in the agreements with the Moldovan Republic and he recommends the use of such neuter phrases in future contexts as delicate as this one. Regret is also expressed for the insufficient involvement and information of the Parliament of Europe in the opening of talks and the actual talks on such agreements.
PSD voted against the 'Moldovan language'
Yesterday the MEPs representing the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) voted against the reports on the EU-Moldovan Republic visa and readmission agreements. Despite such opposition, the latter documents passed.
According to the press release by the PSD, yesterday the PSD delegation had the opportunity to mention by a written Declaration that the party was not against the substance of the agreements at stake, but against the use of a Stalinist concept such as 'the Moldovan language', invented by the Soviet regime in order to divide the Romanian nation. The Social-Democrat MEPs also pointed that the use of the concept was null in their eyes. According to the press release, some of the European socialists voted against the report, whereas the representatives of the Romanian Democrats and Liberals voted for it.
George DAMIAN 
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