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Roma-origin Romanians take no interest in Euro-elections
Florin Cioba, the king of the Roma in Romania, says the latter aren't interested in providing support to a political party for the approaching election of MEPs because all the parties have ignored them. He comments: "I will give no polls to anyone in the Euro-elections, because it is pointless. Why would we give them our polls, for later one they won't even talk to us four years or until next spring, when they will start getting ready for the local elections and need polls again."
He puts it bluntly that he won't be urging the Roma to vote for any party and he pleads for the making of a parliamentary committee to handle the Roma people's problems. He comments: "What is going on now is because of these people who fooled us and took out polls. If politicians want to do something, they should think about supporting the Roma." (A.I.)
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