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Roma in Italy head Spain
-- A few thousands of Roma-origin Romanians in Italy, now under threat to be expelled, are getting ready to immigrate to Spain. The information has been provided by several Romanian associations in the latter state, who have warned about the consequences of the Roma's arrival.
Sources explain: "Some of them committed crimes and they will continue to do the same in Italy." They say Madrid and Castellon will be the main Spanish destinations for the Roma Romanians still in Italy, because the latter region houses most of the Romanian community there. 8% of community members are of Roma origin. Their relatives and friends in Spain, many of them criminals as well, live in camps improvised close to the big cities and they will help the new immigrants settle, Italian authorities say.
The permissive Spanish legislation, the geographic proximity and the resemblance between Spanish, Italian and Romanian are turning Spain into the second destination preferred by Roma immigrants, according to the ABC. (D.E.)
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