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KGB's involvement
-- The rulers in Rome planned the ongoing crisis in Italy to serve Moscow interests. Both PM Romano Prodi and Rome mayor Walter Veltroni are Communists who shifted from anti-racism to xenophobia.
There is an item of news that could have passed unnoticed that fired the bomb made ready by Kremlin's friends. Seemingly without a reason, the left rulers got to deliver far right speeches.
The former president of the European Commission signed an ordinance, although aware it would make Brussels officials protest. But Romano Prodi's connection to the KGB can be one explanation. Alexandr Litvinenko, the ex KGB agent poisoned, said: "Prodi is our man." The same Romano Prodi warned the Red Brigades who had kidnapped Aldo Moro that the police were after them.
Walter Veltroni is the other leader of the anti-Romanian campaign. He leads the party governing Italy and he has been a Communist all his life. In September 17, 2007, the mayor of Rome was playing the fighter against racism. But just a few days later he came up with tough statements against the Romanian immigrants in Italy.
It is Russia that is making full use of this latest crisis. On the one hand it gives an example to Ukraine, which aspires to get EU membership, warning it can suffer what Romania has now been suffering. On the other hand, Moscow is sure the scandal is delaying the building of the Constant-Trieste oil pipeline.
And Rome is now taking its revenge for failing to grab a piece from the great Romanian privatization. Moreover, the country may get significant funds from the EU in order to settle the immigration problem at electoral campaign times. (...) (G.S.)
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