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The Constitution modification is a must
-- Together with Monarchy, the Army and the Church are institutions above the political life. They are related to permanence, stability and certainty, references necessary to a nation's morality. They contrast with the world of politics defined by conflict and even shaped by the Constitution, which is flawed in institutional logic terms.
The undefined nature of our republic, which is neither presidential nor parliamentary, is the main source of the permanent conflict between the President and PM, which effects on the entire society in all respects. It is accompanied by the negative consequences on the country's development and on the collective mind, seized with distrust in and even repulsion for politicians and politics and especially for the Parliament, the fundamental institution of democracy. The Parliament needs rehabilitation.
To the Tariceanu Cabinet and the National Liberal Party the project to modify the Constitution should be the second priority after the budget. The finality of it would be a parliamentary, monarchic or republican pattern by which Romania's political system would become functional. Or the Liberals would have no reason to continue to govern. As for the other parliamentary parties, to persuade them into it depends on skill and perseverance.
Parties should agree to the clear delimitation of attributions in state and start by making the form of state clear. The European pattern is the parliamentary one. Except for France, the EU states are either constitutional monarchies or parliamentary republics. The principle is the same. The head of state is entitled to represent the country abroad and be a moral reference in public life. This is all the more credible for a constitutional monarchy as the King or Queen represents no party, but just the people as a unifying symbol. Both power and opposition are in His/ Her Majesty's hands.
Before the Communist regime, the Army and the Church used to have both senators and representatives of the religious cults. This is one point that needs revision. There is need to cut on the number of the MPs. Both Chambers' attributions must be clearly specified. It is a solution to save up some budget funds and simplify the legislative process. Just like in the US, the Senate can become a Constitutional Court. As for the absurd article claiming the form of state may not be changed, it must be done away with. Constitutional monarchy is the ideal solution for Romania. Paternalism and the tendency to personalization would find sublimation in the monarch as reference: King Mihai.
Both the constitutional monarchy and the parliamentary republic place the stress on the executive power. People indeed use their power to elect not by the uninominal voting system, which doesn't exist in most of Europe. It is inefficient in Romania, because of lacking constitutional norms on the parliamentarians' representation attributions. The power to vote is indeed used by the direct election of the prime- minister, the president of the party who wins elections. By electing the prime- minister we elect the person granted with all the attributions of governing and fully responsible for his deeds. The government reports to the Parliament, as people's representative. It is a way to eliminate the conflict agent, a president like the one Romania has got today, with no executive attributions and responsibility, still a president who sticks his nose in everything. He even interferes in Justice, whose flawless independence the new Constitution must mention. One essential detail is that both parliamentary and ministerial immunity is political, but not criminal. This way corruption will be fought against.
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