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The sinister left
-- Romania has just joined the EU and agreed to house some US bases, but it is already being attacked with all the new media weapons. The bombing against Romania leads to huge manipulation. Le Monde daily puts it briefly: "Romanian" has become synonymous to "Roma" in the Italian press.
The operation was well directed and from the very beginning they have relied on the emotional involvement of the Italians, anyway vexed by the nomads portrayed as Romanians. I am remind you about the first pieces of "information" about the crime at stake, deliberately and diabolically augmented in order to have the impact pursed: "An Italian parliamentarian's wife was raped and beastly murdered by a Romanian in Rome". Television released the breaking news to enrage Italy, which happened at once. In vain does EU citizen Romulus Mailat enjoy the presumption of innocence, for in the unconscious of the masses he is a Romanian rapist and murderer, like all the Romanians who steal in Italy. If we take a rapid look at it, we can notice the following: the victim was not a parliamentarian's wife, Romulus Mailat is not Romanian, but gypsy, he is neither a rapist and he hasn't bee proved a murderer yet. As for those who steal in Italy, if we take their crimes as a whole, the losses are within the percentage obtained by a cheating high level contract.
A sensible look at it shows us Romania is in the middle of an information war that has just reached a new pretext for attack, given the alleged murder committed by gypsy Romulus Mailat. There are such attacks against Romania and Romanians in the recent past, starting with the "December events"(...) Some examples would be the swans the Romanians were reported to have eaten in Vienna (false information coming from the Austro-Hungarian press), the Hadareni case with Romanians portrayed as "gypsy eaters" and the families of the killers shown as the only victims. And history is repeating these days in Italy. But the story involves both Romanians and gypsies. As for the passivity of the institutions supposed to protect the country, it actually shows a lot of things.
Who is there behind this manipulation that separates Romania from Italy, its natural ally in the EU and the NATO? In today's edition of our daily you can find a possible answer. If one does research on Italy's post-fascist history, one is shocked with the degree of the KGB involvement in Italian politics. The Italian Communists who used to get payment straight from the USSR are still in power at the core of Western Europe. Walter Veltroni, the mayor of Rome, half Italian and half Slavic, was affiliated to the Italian Communist Youth Union and he headed L'Unita, a communist newspaper, for years. The President of Italy, Giorgio Napoletano, has been a Communist since 1945, after getting some training from the Fascists. In 1956 he was inciting the Soviet troops to invade Eastern Europe, the reason why he was denied access to the US. While on his deathbed, Alexander Litvinenko, the FSB and MI 6 officer poisoned claimed that PM Romano Prodi was a KGB officer the Russian secret services had fetched to the highest EU level. Therefore paid politicians and anti-American "peacemaking movements" militarily organized by the Liubianka guys and the terrorist Red Brigades and the rising wave against Romania - Moscow's involvement in Rome has always been present.
Just like it has been in Romania. Let us also remind that the campaign portraying Romanians as gypsies is also of Russian essence. There is also the campaign by Emil Loteanu, the son of a female employee in the USSR Embassy in Bucharest. His well-known films about the gypsies that have traveled the world would idyllically show the gypsies in Moldavia singing beautifully in... Romanian. Even the Moscow gypsies' theatre had been called "The Romen Theater". After 1990, the campaign aimed at making words like "Roma", "Rome" and "Romans" ambiguous and synonyms with "Romanian" got new dimensions on the Budapest-Moscow axis and back. Now there is also Rome, the capital city of Italy. What a pity! The question ZIUA asked a few days ago is still here: is there any domestic or foreign intelligence service in Romania any more?
Victor RONCEA 
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