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Foreign Intelligence Service knows nothing
Romanian intelligence officials say they couldn't foresee the crimes committed by the Roma-origin Romanians in Italy would lead to a situation as explosive as now. The SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) led by deputy chief Silviu Predoiu is trying to stay away from the latest Romanian-Italian scandal by hiding behind the fact that the murder committed by Romanian gypsy Romulus Mailat is of criminal nature, therefore not in their attributions.
But the law has it that the SIE is "a state institution to deal with foreign information on national security and protection for Romania and its interests" and Romania's image has never been more harmed that it is now. The SIE also claims they have operations on the territory of an allied state. Still such an explanation casts doubt on the thousands of employees of the system that spends dozens of million Euro from the state budget every year.
Official SIE sources say the service did send the institutions entitled to it certain information on the events in which Romanians citizens were involved abroad. And the Romanian government has so far proved unable to mention if such information reached them. As for the members of the SIE Committee, they say they know nothing about it.
The Conservative Party has summoned the SIE officials to the parliamentary committee in charge of the latter institution. It is to be reminded that not even now has there been appointed a chief to rule the SIE, because after Claudiu Saftoiu had resigned the President of Romania Traian Basescu refused to recommend someone else to take over. (...) (D.D.)
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