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Italy to expel groups of Romanians
Surprise for the Romanians who committed crimes in Italy is almost ready. Over 800 people are now targeted by the authorities analyzing the means to expel them. There is a list of about 800 Romanians likely to be expelled because of committing crimes in Italy. If the Italian political institutions consent to it, the Romanians on the list will be analyzed separately and a decision will be reached for every case.
Severe crimes
Italian judicial sources told ZIUA: "There are about 800-1,000 Romanians who committed crimes, but they are not in detention. If it is about the first crime they committed, the magistrate may leave them free. After spending a few months in detention they may come to the police station. And one idea is to send them back home, to Romania. But it is not known yet if and when it will be done and how many people it is about. Italian authorities want to start the operation at the right time, for they don't want to send a group back to Romania and then try to catch the others. The first they will take will probably announce the others and they may vanish. (...) The action is expected to be complex. Criteria are to be settled first so that they will take those who committed severe crimes, but not those who stole a loaf of bread." And more: "They want to do some tidying up. It is to be seen if they manage or fail."
Prostitutes turn into target too
The Italian authorities have got to handle Romanian prostitutes too. Italian judicial sources mention: "Last Monday they found two Romanian prostitutes working in public spaces in the evening. The written statement reached a magistrate. They are to decide if they ask for the prefect's consent to expel them. If he agrees, it will probably be a clue for all the Romanian prostitutes to stop working in the street. It will surely be a tough clue."
Bogdan GALCA
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