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President Basescu wants EU project on Roma people
The President of Romania Traian Basescu said on TVR last Monday that there was need of an EU project on the Roma people, since it was the Roma-origin citizens who caused most problems in the Diaspora. He argued: "Of course we all have got Romanian citizenship. But we must admit that it is the Roma-origin Romanian citizens who cause the greatest problems."
The President emphasized he was reproaching neither the Romani Criss NGO nor the Roma-people themselves for it, claiming an EU project was the means to handle the social inclusion of such people.
Rome senators debate on ordinance about expelling foreigners from Italy
The Constitutional Affairs Committee in the Italian Senate started yesterday morning their debate on the ordinance adopted last Wednesday by the government in Rome, regarding the expelling of community citizens for public security reasons.
The debate will actually be a new test for the governing left center coalition led by PM Romano Prodi. In the Senate the coalition has got only two representatives more than the right center opposition. Although the Parliament is to pass the document by December so that it would become a law, Italian politicians seem unable to reach consensus. There are disputes between the coalition in power and the right center opposition on the one hand and within the left center union headed by Romano Prodi on the other hand. (...)
Frattini: "The price paid for excessive tolerance"
The EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini has highlighted that a gap in the relations between the Italian government and the Romanian one is out of question. Still he comments that the ordinance released last week by the government in Rome is "fair". In his comments for La Stampa daily he claimed this was "the price paid for excessive tolerance."
He argued that the Italian ordinance on the expelling of foreigners for public security reasons was a necessary measure. And he outlined Italy was disallowed to proceed to the expelling of entire groups, because the European legislation forbade it. (C.S., D.E.)
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