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LATEST - In Brief
Corriere della Sera: Monsters in Europe
-- In an editorial published by Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the questions sound like this: Are Romanians doomed to become the new nightmare of Italians? Will the Romanian's ghost haunt national imagination just like the face of the Moroccan or the Albanian rapist?
La Repubblica: "The unbelievably growing number of rapes and aggression committed by the 'immigrants' from Romania may get to fuel a new form of xenophobia against foreigners, more and more often present in black reports in newspapers. " According to a report in the same daily, the Rome mayor Walter Veltroni was very tough on Bucharest authorities as he claimed that before Romania joined the EU Rome was the world's safest city. (...)
Il Messaggero: The report argues that the tragedy in the outskirts of Rome calls for measures to change the approach to such a worrying phenomenon. There is reminded about the diminishing safety of various Rome quarters because of the expatriates communities fond of prostitution, violence and theft. There is also emphasized that they have always said "there are murderous Romanians, but not Romanian murderers." (A.M.L.)
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