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One more referendum looms ahead
The President of Romania Traian Basescu said last Wednesday that he was willing to hold one more referendum unless the one due in November 25 was validated. He also claimed he was thinking about several referendums for 2008. He proved unrelenting about the Pro Democracy version of the uninominal vote law the government had just taken responsibility for in the Parliament.
"If Mr. Parvulescu were honest"
He explained his view on the latter idea: "My proposal is that deputies and senators should be elected by the same means used for the election of mayors. It seems fair to me and it has got both advantages and disadvantages. As for the Pro Democracy version, if Mr. Parvulescu were honest, he would mention those points that no longer resemble what he had initially proposed to the parties. They reached some compromise, which provided this law with a mechanism applied nowhere in the world. Mind you: in 2007 we are renewing an electoral system that actually confers protection to list candidates, to the corrupted. The system proposed by Mr. Parvulescu brings to the Parliament all those representatives of the people Romania should get rid of." (...)
Mafia-like deals
The President took this opportunity to point to the collaboration and "mafia-like deals" between politicians and some journalists. He argued that the collaboration of business community, politicians and media managers worked perfectly for denigration. He developed, but without unveiling names: "I mean deals meant to destroy and discredit an institution. I know about situations when a newspaper manager, a businessman and a politician decide to start campaign against a certain institution. And I know two institutions where this mechanism is used to denigrate institution. There is one more daily and one television station targeting an institution."
PM depands on relations with Ion Iliescu
He tried to explain his poor collaboration with the Romanian government: "PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu depends on the Dinu Patriciu group and on the terms with the Social-Democrat Party. He depends on his relations with Ion Iliescu. They are powerful, although no one has mentioned it." He added: "The Ion Iliescu group and Viorel Hrebenciuc are building these relations part of the anti-presidential plan."
"A young mafia man with guts"
The head of state had enough time to make a profile of Tudor Chiuariu, Romania's Justice minister: "This man whose action capitalized in ordinances and laws would have no longer been a minister in no state of the world. Now he is working on behalf of the Fenechiu group. If you remember, just a few days after having been appointed his target was to sack prosecutor Doru Tulus, head of Department II in the National Anti-Corruption Department." He concluded: "He is a young mafia man with guts. This is Romania's minister of justice." And one more detail: "The report on the Anti-Corruption Department's activity, authored by the Superior Council of Magistracy, reached the press with Tudor Chiuariu's consent and with help from oligarchs, economy staff, politicians and newspaper bosses."
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