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Latest Italian ordinance effects on all Romanians
One day after a Roma-origin Romanian had aggressed and raped an Italian woman, the government in Rome settled the problems emerging because of foreigners committing crimes in Italy. The Italian authorities passed an emergency ordinance intensifying the means to expel community citizens from Italy, but the document effects on all the Romanians there.
Romano Prodi's government and the mayor of Rome are actually leaving Bucharest authorities to handle the Rome people who scared the Italian public opinion, although the Roma-origin Romanians had built camps in the outskirts of Rome a rather long time ago and the Italian authorities were familiar with the issue. The ordinance promoters hope to gain more polls, but the well-meaning Romanians in Italy fear xenophobe action will intensify. The latest situation in Rome hasn't got the slightest reply from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Prefects allowed to expel foreigners
According to the Italian government's emergency ordinance adopted last Wednesday because of the tragedy in Rome, Italian prefects are free to expel community citizens at once because of security reasons. From now the EU citizens and their families with a right to permanent residence in Italy may be expelled from this state "for severe reasons of public order and safety". (...)
The people at stake are to learn about the expelling measure, which is to include the juridical action means and the duration of the ban to enter Italy, no longer than 3 years. (...)
Incompatible for cohabitation
The decision to expel EU citizens from Italy is up to the prefect in charge of the respective region or address and it is to be translated and notified in keeping with the same rules.
The public safety reasons are imperative when an EU citizen or a relative of his proved behavior compromising the safety of human dignity or people's fundamental rights and his stay on Italy's territory grows incompatible to usual cohabitation. If the person at stake is retained in Italy or the expelling is decided on state security grounds or public safety reasons, the Police sees that the person be expelled from Italy at once. (...) (L.P.)
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