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Roma-origin Romanian enrages Italy
Italy is enraged now after a Romanian citizen was arrested last Wednesday and charged with having raped the wife of an Italian marine officer. 25-year old Nicolae Romulus Mailat was picked up by the Italian Police close to a Rome-people camp in Tor di Quinto, Rome. He beat, raped and threw away Giovanna Reggiani, 47. The criminal approached the victim on Tuesday evening, after she had got off a bus close to the camp inhabited by many Romanians. He dragged her to some booth where he beat her black and blue and then started his wild rape. Then he threw the almost breathless body in a ditch, where the woman was presently found and then taken to hospital while in profound coma.
According the TgCom website belonging to the Mediaset television, doctors said she had no chance to survive. And she passed away last evening.
The Romanian was arrested due to the testimonies of eyewitnesses, one of them a Romanian female in the Roma-people camp in Tor di Quinto, who called the Police after she had seen Mailat throwing the woman's body. When arrested, his face was scratched and bruised, probably the traces of the woman trying to escape. The victim's bag was found in his dwelling place. It seems during the questioning he admitted his crime. Right now he is in the prison in Regina Coeli, Rome.
Acquitted in Romania
Grancea Danciu, a leader of the Roma community in Avrig, tells us: "He should be sued for his crime, but they shouldn't criticize all of us. There is scum people everywhere. People are different. Those who mind their business should be left alone."
According to the Police in Sibiu, Romania, Nicolae Romulus Mailat was in the past sentenced to 3 years of prison for theft. According to his criminal record, the sentence was reached in 2006, but he was acquitted the same year due to Law 543/ 2002. And right after being acquitted he set out for Italy. According to the Italian authorities, he lives in an improvised camp and he is jobless.
Bogdan GALCA 
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